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We are a family of four. Marieke originally from Holland and Jared from New jersey, we crossed paths twelve years ago when we were both traveling Central America with our backpack. We talked about one day owning our own hotel but shortly after split ways and did not reconnect until a few years later. Marieke started Lucero in 2007 with a high school friend and a year later Jared joined M in Costa Rica.

Our story..  Our story..  About us..

Since then we have added two girls to the mix and are working hard towards those goals we had years ago. With a somewhat bumpy road and many life lessons learned on the way we are close to finally being able to say we did it! We both feel passionate about our business and want to give our guests the best experience we can. You arrive as a guest but you leave as our friend, at least that is what we thrive for. We go above and beyond to cater to personal needs and when you go home happy and rejuvenated we go home beaming with gratitude. We take pride in being personable and we feel grateful for every person that comes on vacation with us.


We have two amazing kids. Riley Jo (6) and Luka Soleil (3). You probably will not see them much because they go to school and have busy lives even after school but you will definitely get to meet them since they are the chore of our business and family, they are our teachers, our drive to succeed and our daily reminder to slow down and be thankful.



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