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Want to learn how to surf but don't know where to start? Read through our Learn to Surf Guide is a good beginning! You'll learn the basics and from here you can start your surf lesson well prepared!

Surfing is a lot of fun and
it can be addictive as well. As soon as you get the feeling of riding a wave to shore you want to do it again and again and you want to improve so you can ride unbroken and bigger waves- there's nothing like that feeling you get when you're riding a wave into shore.

When you start surfing you might be a little insecure of what to expect. Don’t worry- as long as you are care-full and follow the some simple rules there is nothing scary about surfing or even better about the ocean. In the beginning you will automatically try to go against the waves, but soon enough you will learn to go with the ocean. Once you get in the motion, it will work with you. You can start dancing the waves and start to have lots of fun!! On the next few pages you can read all about Learning how to Surf. Enjoy!

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Choosing a board    The right conditions
 Paddling      Practice on the beach

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